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Updated: Jun 21, 2018

So you just joined Book&Table and you’d like to connect with new clients, but you need points in order to rank better and, thus get the client inquiries we receive. New tutors have several ways to accrue those points, such as requesting additional references and sharing your tutoring profile on your social networks.

The most effective way to increase your rank, however, is to use the app with clientele you’ve already spent time recruiting. Remember, neither you nor your client pays any Book&Table fee when you use the Invite a Client feature to book a lesson. Inviting outside clients garners twice as many points as bookings with leads that you connect with through the platform. Since you’re helping us build our community by introducing folks to us, you deserve to benefit from the increase in traffic to the site.

But how do you broach the subject of switching from cash or checks to using Here are three things you can mention to your client to ease their mind about joining a new platform:

Joining takes two minutes. Literally.

When you use the Invite a Client feature you are sending your client a lesson plan for your next booking. Your client will receive both an email and a text with a link that will carry them to a page containing the Lesson Plan. Once they’re satisfied with the details of the lesson, they click the Proceed to Checkout button on the page, which will carry them to a single checkout page: they’ll be able to add their B&T account and payment information to a single form. Once they submit this information, they’re done and your lesson is officially booked.

Same lessons. More Structure.

Our Lesson Plan and Synopses features assure clients they’ll be properly informed throughout the entire tutoring process. This information on student progress is organized on the platform under their Tutors&Lessons tab, allowing them to look up the details of previous or upcoming lessons, as well as the tutors’ comments.

A mobile experience.

From accepting the initial invitation to confirming upcoming lessons and submitting reviews, your clients can enjoy a mobile experience. They can return to the platform for more details when it’s convenient for them, but neither you nor they will have to interrupt the day to keep lessons rolling.

Book&Table is simple, flexible, and intuitive. At the end of your next lesson, take five minutes to walk your client through the platform. We’re confident they’ll like what they see.

Happy Learning, Book&Table

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